The Many Faces of Darla Quiz:
Have fun with this quiz, which features Darla photos and quotes from over the years!

Darla/Julie Benz Media:
SMGFan.com's exclusive Julie Benz interview (November 2003)
BBC Cult's interview with Julie and husband John Kassir (October 2003)
Transcript and video clip of featurette (Darla: Deliver Us From Evil) from Angel S3 DVD set
CoA's report from the 2003 Posting Board Party -- aw, they named Julie their VIP "Belle of the Ball"! Also a Julie audio clip and a few photos of her from the event.
Julie Benz reflects on Buffy, by About.com's Fred Topel (April 2003)
SciFi.com chat transcript with Julie, mostly about her role in Taken but also Darla questions (November 2002)
Wonderful Julie Benz interview by Linda Clinker at CityOfAngel.com (February 2002)
BBC Cult Julie Benz interview (November 2001)